Video Editing



SmartVideo is a service where anyone can order a video from a professional video editor. We are your smart video-editing friend. For life. After being captured by you, beautiful moments will live forever. Upload up to 40GB of raw videos and receive a beautiful movie in a few days.



We put the package for video editing under a title. We call it: SmartVideo. What is the feature of the package SmartVideo?

  • Extremely convenient: User-friendliness is what it is all about. Enjoy shooting your video in your moments and turn movie-making into a fun experience. We will take care the rest of the job which is editing your videos!
  • High-quality in no time: We don’t use any automated software to compile your movie. We don’t believe in automated intelligent software but only trust our highly experienced in-door editors who will produce a high-quality professional video edited for your taste!
  • Easy commenting: Comment as you watch a preview. No need to deal with professional keywords and expressions.
  • We know what we do: Our brilliant team is made up from video-editing experts from all over the globe, all with at least 2 years of experience!
  • Confidentiality: Want to keep your movie to yourself? You have found a reliable service which you can trust with your data. Our clients’ privacy is one of our top priorities!
  • Footage into story: No, you don’t have to review all the raw video files over again. Just tell us what you absolutely want or don’t want to include and we will compile your story for you!