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Business Card & Flyer

We provide custom business card and flyer designs for your business.

  • First impressions are everything for your business. A business card makes the best first impression!
  • Marketing is a huge factor and your branding begins with the promotional presentation. A custom flyer sets the tone for an event before it takes place!
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Our graphic design packages include but not limited to two main options. Designing business cards and designing promotional flyers and brochures.

Business cards are valuable because they are a personalized note about who you are within your business and industry. By customizing your business cards to coincide with the look and feel of your website, banners, and store front, your clients can unveil your company’s personality. Our team can help you create unique business cards in minutes. Business cards are essential for marketing your product or service when meeting with potential clients. They help to establish your message to potential clients instantly and how said potential clients view your company as a whole.

We provide our 2 design concepts for every business card. After you decide which design suits you well, we have 2 revision cycles to tweak and update the final touch on the design and prepare for the print. We will provide you with print-ready files that you can take to any print shop. We can also help you to choose an appropriate shop to have the highest quality of print with the best available bid. Satisfaction guaranteed!

There is more to planning an event or launching a product – marketing is a huge factor as well and your branding begins with the promotional presentation. Do you consider flyers an important part of your marketing strategies? A custom flyer sets the tone for an event before it takes place. We can deliver high quality flyer designs considering following points:

  • Files will be delivered as PDF and JPEG.
  • We will choose fonts and a background to complement your project.
  • Flyers are designed to fit an 8.5 x 11 page. If another size it needed, indicate this immediately.


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